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Sell movable property, whether his yacht or his plane, is a real financial and emotional investment that requires time, attention and true expertise. The sale of aircraft or yacht particular requires sound legal knowledge, tax or financial. To effectively sell your property group 7 Heaven Management provides the skills of a true professional brokerage that you can rely on every step of the transaction.
The advantages of selling with 7 Heaven Management:

  •     The right price for your property by estimating
  •     A written guarantee

Your broker will establish a protocol that describes step by step the actions it undertakes to take to sell your property

  •     Quality under constant control

Our brokers yacht or plane regularly measure the rate of customer satisfaction

  •     A team of experienced professionals

Guests have a combined experience of 100 years in aviation and yachting areas

  •     An effective and innovative promotional

From the moment you entrust your property , it is disseminated to potential buyers

  •     Exclusive privileges

Our network of global partners will allow you to enjoy the best offers around

  •     Contact and ongoing dialogue with your broker
  •     A real peace of mind

The objective of the experts group 7 Heaven Management: simplify all your legal proceedings, financial or tax , but also control the credibility of potential buyers and , why not, help you finance the purchase of a new property .

7 Heaven Management is your single source that you can rely on at any time.