Purchase Aircraft and Yacht

choose the right experts IN YACHTING AND AERONAUTICS before purchasing = save money

Purchasing a yacht, a ship, a commercial aircraft or a business jet can turn into a nightmare if the financial and technical pre-purchase verification is not completed by professional and experienced personnel.

Our teams fro Air or Sea Divisions will help you with all purchase purposes such as financing, project management, design, insurance, maintenance, aircraft or yacht lease and charter, crew recruitment and management, and much more else.

After analysis of Client’s needs and expectations, our team of experts finds the ideal solution. An extended list of products is carefully selected from our database and is proposed to the Client’s consideration before purchase.

Our team of experts with more than 20 years experience in the fields of yachting and aviation. We anticipate and manage all of the necessary and strategic tasks in purchasing assets for clients. The great complexity of ships, yachts and aircraft now requires specific expertise for pre-purchase condition assessment. Aircraft with new cosmetics (new paint and interior) can be in a poor yet obvousely good technical condition and can prove to be an extremely costly choice. This applies equally to a yacht or even more to a ship like a cruise casino vessel.

Our team of experts take into account all critical aspects and proceed to a deep analysis of the asset through an in-depth technical inspection before any transaction and/or purchase.

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